HandsFree 2: Calls & SMS App Reviews

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Best Native Application!

I’m a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge User, this works great with the latest Android version 7.0 that was updated for T-Mobile users! I’ve tried using other applications like AirDroid or Samsung’s new SideSync. All of them Free but they lack Call Asnwering and Recording!! The fact that it’s a one time purchase beats the monthly subsription that AirDroid provides! You can get Handsfree and setup Samsung on your phone to locate it for free if the feature is a must for you. I use a combination of Handsfree and Bitdefender since I already had a family plan with them. Find their find phone service better. Hands down, this is a must if you are a Mac user and Android user. Note* Developer, please implement sending MMS. Sometimes I want to send a picture from my Mac to the phone and it’s not possible at the moment.

Love it.

I love it, wish it was more stable though, it crashes occasionally.

Complete and total dud app!!!! Rip off!!!

This app did not even open to fail. It locked up my screen, and I wrote to tech support asking for help. No response has come as yet. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!! I will change my review if I hear from tech support and they can help to get it to work. If someone from tech support reads this, please help to get it to work so that I can raise the review rating. Until I write a better review, I would not even try to download this junk app. Why does the App store allow this group to sell on their platform?

Great App

I can keep wear earbud and switch to answer call during listening music. Audio quality is also awesome! Only small issue is that there is random noises if my bluetooth mouse is on. Whenever I make or answer call, I need to turn off my mouse till call is end. It is not a big issue for me but hopefully be fixed later version.

Unusable for 2 reasons

Reason 1 is out of the app author’s control: iPhone doesn’t allow sending messages via Bluetooth. Reason 2 could be fixed very simply: The app pops up new text messages in the center of the screen even though I’ve specified that I want notifications to not do this. This is highly annoying and messes me up every time I’m typing in some app and get a text message. It grabs focus away from the current app I’m using. Also, it would be really nice to have a queued list of messages received.

Doesn’t work

I paid $10 thinking this would work with the yosemite and it does not work at all. The developer must know there are serious issues with this program from not connecting to dropping calls. Save your money….get a bluetooth headset.

A perfect solution for hands-free calling

I’m a freelance writer, and I need to be able to both use the phone hands-free and record calls for research purposes. This program handles both flawlessly with a very easy user interface and great call quality. This is a great cost-effective solution for me.

it's good! but…

This app is very great. It works well and is quickly connected to my iPhone. However, the filenames appears garbled in Korean contact. It's probably a Character encoding problem with filenames. It is very good if it only repaired.

Excatly what I was looking for!

I was looking for something that could record phone calls easily. This product does excatly that. It is great for long meeting’s!

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